Colombian born and Los Angeles raised specifically Venice Beach, Valentina was influenced by the hip hop and skateboarding culture from a young age which led her to freestyle rap and write lyrics with friends as a hobby, eventually pursuing a career in music. Her alias MAMI came from being active from just 12 years of age, in the graffiti community under the tag name MAMI. After being part of 2 girl groups, working as an in house song writer and graduating with an AA from the prestigious musician’s college, Musicians Institute, Valentina has lots of experience and skill under her belt to succeed. 

VALENTINA MAMI is a Colombia bilingual Latin/English artist, specialized in Rapping(fast), Singing, Song writing as well as being a professionally trained Dancer and Actress. From Spanish to English club bangers and urban hip hop tracks, to commercial pop songs, Valentina is versatile, constrained to no single genre of music or language, giving her global collaborative opportunities. Although the market for female latin rappers is extremely limited, her versatile abilities give her a huge advantage over any competition that may emerge


She also has a passion for film, acting and directing due to her parents influence in the film industry. Her mother is renown actress, model and TV host, Lianna Grethel and her father is Colombian award winning actor Julio Echeverry, so evidently, Valentina fell in love with entertainment from a young age. The triple threat has landed national commercials and acting roles both in Colombia and the United States. She directs, produces and edits all her music videos as well as other clients. 

Valentina has been training as a dancer since the age of 10, competing nationally.  VALENTINA MAMI has done a lot for herself, continue reading to find out about what’s to come…

Leon Zellers

Leon Zellers

Raised in Dover, Pennsylvania, Leon gained influence from his mother who supported his passion for music. Music provided an exit out of daily life problems such as bullying and the loss of loved ones. Music helped him cope with struggles and express his feelings and emotions, and due to his love for music, he decided to risk living out in LA on his own. He started singing in the streets in hopes people would discover his talent, and he started posting covers on the app called “TikTok.” He amassed a following of 3.7million followers, and he now writes his own music. 

Tik Tok sensation Leon Zellers is going from cover artist to singer song writer. We are rolling out Leon in May to show the world a beautiful vision from a genuine soul. Leon has an impeccable musical talent, we call him a shining light that is bright as the sun, all we had to do is open our iris to see this diamond shine bright.